Moss Basics

Nature had the idea first.

The Sphagnum moss used in our products is a natural, green plant that grows in bogs. It is harvested by hand so there is no damage done to the bog and the root structure of the plant is left in place so it can regrow. It is totally sustainable and renewable.

Effects of Sphagnum Moss

Sphagnum moss has been conditioning and purifying water in nature for millennia. We were exposed to the history of Sphagnum moss in a magazine article about its use as a wound dressing, by both the English and the Germans, in WWI. Wounded soldiers survived in higher numbers when their wounds were dressed with Sphagnum moss instead of cotton. After years of extensive laboratory study and ten years treating water in residential and commercial pools and spas, we started developing Sphagnum moss for cooling tower and industrial water treatment.

Key Benefits

• Removes Positively Charged Metal Ions

• Inhibits and Removes Organic Contamination

• Reduces and Inhibits Scale Formation

• Reduces and Inhibits Corrosion

Harvesting and Processing

We studied over 40 of the 120 species of Sphagnum to determine the desired properties. The moss is harvested by hand in a manner that does not harm the bog. The same bog can be harvested every three to five years, providing a totally natural and sustainable product. We have an independent expert microscopically examine random samples of each shipment to assure they contain over 95% of the proper species.

Key Benefits

• Reduced Chemical Usage

• Reduced Water Usage

• Reduced Energy Usage

• Reduced Corrosion in the Tower and Downstream

• Longer Equipment Life

• Reduced Maintenance